Antique Shipping in Edison NJ

Antique Shipping in Edison NJ

Amongst the items that are most frequently broken in shipping antiques are high on the list. When you have an item that is an actual antique (over 100 years old) most things are very fragile. If you take these to a chain shipping store and have it packed like a regular item, more often than not you can be dealing with a lengthy and difficult insurance claim and an unhappy customer. Let the attentive skilled owner at the Edison Pack and Ship provide your antique shipping services in Edison or beyond!

Steve Jaffe, Edison Pack and Ship store owner has successfully packed and shipped many antique and/or high value items. We have packed some pieces that are almost 200 years old! All you have to do is read our reviews and you will see the customer service that makes us your number one option for domestic or international, air or ground shipping and packing needs. We provide a variety of options when you need to ship your items. We have service pickups daily from DHL, Fedex and the USPS and have all the materials we need to package your item for travel.

We have many customers who travel from all points of New Jersey to come to our shop and take advantage of our antique shipping services in Edison. When it HAS to get there in one piece… when you need a specialty shipper…. Let Edison Pack and Ship do the job! Don’t get another negative feedback on ebay or have to refund your customer for another damage in shipping!

Just call us at the number listed on our homepage or email us for details rates and quotes with regards to any custom, antique or high volume/value shipping jobs and someone from our staff will do their best to earn your business! When you need antique shipping in Edison NJ we are the real NJ shipping professionals.