Art Shipping in NJ

Art Shipping and Custom Crating in NJ

One of the most difficult and delicate things to ship are items relating to art and artwork. Whether it is paintings on canvas or sculptures these items are always particularly fragile. When it comes to high value items that can be worth thousands of dollars it is important to use the right shipper. If you were to take a Picasso or a Monet to one of these chain stores would you feel confident that your item would be handled correctly and shipped securely to its destination? Of course not. For these kinds of high end and delicate specialty packing jobs you need someone with experience, someone who has handled and secured high value items and delicate artworks before.

Steve Jaffe, the owner of  Edison Pack and ship has the tools and the experience required to package securely and discreetly your precious works from seriagraphs or prints to the originals by the masters. He will personally handle all of your art shipping in NJ. For example, recently Steve built a custom crate to ship a sculptured painting valued at $10,000 to a frame repair store. Depending on your needs, we might choose to create a secure and hard backed first package securing your goods, and then place this box in to another box and brace it with cushion and fill until it is ready to travel safely and quickly to its destination. Every piece of art is unique, and we are not a cookie-cutter place. We will figure out what your art needs to ship safely. We ship in store via DHL, Fedex and the USPS so whatever your logistical needs or destination we have got what you are looking for.

Edison Pack and Ship is a full service specialty merchant for art shipping in NJ. We can pack and ship your item in one location quickly and efficiently. We can be reached for inquiries via the phone number on this page during normal business hours. You can also feel free to contact us via email at So come on in today and find out why we are the NJ shipping professionals!