Mailbox rental with street address

mailbox rental

Mailbox rental with street address:

Mailbox rental from Edison Pack and Ship is simple and there are many benefits to doing so.

Prestigious Address – Many individuals, as well as businesses, have an aversion to dealing with a company that uses a P.O. Box. At Edison Pack and Ship, your mailbox rental is designated with a street number and a suite number.
Receipt of Mail/Parcels – A mailbox rental gives you a street address, which is important if you need to receive mail or packages from UPS, FedEx, and other carriers that will not deliver to a P.O. Box. With a mailbox rental at Edison Pack and Ship Business Center, we will also sign for your packages while you are at work. You don’t need to rent a large box (and pay more) for the ability to receive large packages. We will hold a package of any size for you behind our counter and your mailbox rental will be the same price, regardless of the size packages you will receive.
Call in Mail Check – We offer a “call in” mail check. Rather than waste your limited and valuable time driving to a Post Office, only to find an empty box, you can call Edison Pack and Ship and we will tell you if you have mail. We will even check for a specific piece if asked. If you are out of town, call in and we will forward your mail to you at the address you specify.

Other Advantages of a mailbox rental with Edison Pack and Ship:

Private – Keep your home address private and secure.
Confidential – Since you have control of your keys, you are assured that your confidential mail remains confidential.
Efficient – An easy way to separate business mail from personal mail.
Accessibility – Curious family members don’t need to know that their birthday present just arrived!