Notary Public in Edison NJ

Notary Public in Edison NJ- Including Sunday

Edison Pack and Ship’s notary public service:

A Notary is a public officer whose powers and duties are defined by state law. A notary public is a person with a special commission from a state or county government that allows him or her to verify the correctness of another person’s signature on a document. A Notary has the power to administer oaths and take depositions,and affirm affidavits and acknowledgments. A notary cannot attest to witnessing a signature unless the signer signs the document in their presence. The notary must also ascertain whether people are signing the document voluntarily or under duress.

If you want to be sure that a notary is on the premises, call ahead at 732 640 1774. Customers drive from up to an hour away on a Sunday morning, when we are open from 930 – 12:30, because it is very difficult to find a notary open on a Sunday. We will also, for a fee, travel to you for Notary services after hours if you have extenuating circumstances that require so.

If you need services from a notary public in Edison NJ you must appear in person with a picture ID. Items requiring two or more signatures require all interested parties to show up in person. If these notarized items are time sensitive we can ship these documents for you with guaranteed delivery for a nominal additional fee.

So if you need a notary public in Edison NJ please feel free to call for an appointment or just come visit us in person.  Edison Pack and Ship your local Notary Public in Edison NJ~