Packing large, odd-shaped items

Edison Pack and Ship loves a packing challenge, especially packing large,odd-shaped items. Many packing jobs come our way because other shipping centers can’t or won’t do packing of large, odd-shaped items. FedEx corporate stores, UPS, and other shipping stores often shy away from any packing of an object too large, too heavy, not fitting in a standard-sized box, or just plain awkward to ship. But none of that scares us at Edison Pack and Ship. We will custom build a box for any object legal to send, and we will pack it with tremendous attention to detail and protecting the item in transit.

Steve Jaffe, owner, has been known to get on a ladder in order to close a six-foot box enclosing a 123-pound statue headed for India. He has created a custom box for a precious hope chest not entrusted with a moving company across country. He has shipped speakers made in the 1970’s that required special packaging to protect fragile parts from being destroyed in transit. Your item doesn’t have to fit into a standard sized box – we will build a box to your measurements. If you have specific packing requirements to protect the item ( we once shipped a very large electronic keyboard that required special protection for the ivory keys), we will listen to you, and put together a plan, with materials, that makes sense for your customer, for you, and for us.

Wondering if it will be cost affordable for you to pack and send a large object? You don’t have to bring it into our store to find out. If you call with the dimensions, the weight, the address it’s going to, and how fast it has to get there, we can give you an estimate so that you can determine if it’s worth your while to bring the heavy or large object to our store.

In certain circumstances, we may be able to come to your premises and to pack the item where it is. Ask for what you need, and we will do our best to accomodate if it is at all possible.

Check out some of the photos on our website of packing jobs we have completed. Join our family of very satisfied customers who were able to sell or move a heavy and large object from one part of the world to the other.

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