Shredding documents

shredderEdison Pack and Ship shredding documents service:

Shredding your documents is a quick and inexpensive way to destroy documents or copies that have your personal confidential information, and thereby reduce the risk of identity theft. You should shred credit card offers, outdated bank statements, tax returns, medical records, pay stubs, and any financial records that contain account numbers or your social security number.

We are not a commercial shredder. We recommend that you drop by with quantities 15 pounds or less, so don’t save up your documents for an entire year and then bring in several trashbags. Instead, come in regularly so that it doesn’t accumulate in your home and we can take care of it for you with a fast turnaround.

Some customers request that we shred documents in front of them. We can do so if it is a small amount. If it’s enough to fill up a bag or two, we will shred intermittently during the business day.