Transport Services in Edison NJ

A cool Freight Truck driving through the mountains with your stuff!

Transport Services in Edison NJ

Are you moving locally?  Are you moving cross country? We provide courteous and professional service as an affordable alternative to renting a truck.  With gas prices at all time highs and the cost of truck rentals steadily rising, do you ever wonder if there is a cheaper way to get your possessions from point A to point B? Edison pack and ship has an answer!

Let Steve Jaffe our CEO and shipping expert custom tailor a plan designed to meet your needs. Why deal with the considerable headaches you can encounter when renting a truck or dealing with other moving companies with high prices and shady practices. Contact us today for more information on how we can help facilitate pack and ship or transport services in Edison NJ. We have provided you below with a standard and actual shipment to the Denver Colorado area to give you a better idea as to the cost. Rates may vary depending on where in the country we will be shipping your items. We provide transport services in Edison NJ to all points domestic or international.

We can be reached several ways for your convenience you may email us by clicking HERE TO EMAIL US.

We can also be reached by phone at (732) 640-1774(732) 640-1774.

Or feel free to stop in and visit us during the posted business hours at 1789 New Jersey 27, Edison, NJ 08817

Edison Pack and Ship your DHL, Fedex and  local one stop packing shipping specialists!

Here’s a real shipment to Denver!

Traditional truck rental

You-Haul-It Rental $1405
Insurance $150
Gas $645
Hotel $180
Total $2350

Edison Pack & Ship

Pick up, handling, and interstate trucking $1218
Total $1218

This service is available for any items that can be boxed and placed street side (no furniture).